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Best Start: Ontario's Maternal, Newborn, and Early Child Development Resource Centre
416-408-2249, 800-397-9567
A provincial resource centre that seeks to enhance the capacity of service providers to implement effective health promotion programs for expectant and new parents, newborns and young children through education, consultation and resource development. A variety of resources are available on such topics as reproductive health, breastfeeding, low birthweight, alcohol and pregnancy and abuse in pregnancy.

Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic
416-323-9149, TTY: 416-323-1361
Free services to women survivors of violence including counselling, legal services, interpretation and referrals.

Broken Spirits Network
An online community and support group that focuses on aiding both current and past victims of child abuse, sexual abuse and domestic violence. The Broken Spirits Network provides a comprehensive directory of shelters, hotlines and organizations that can provide help for potential victims.

Education Wife Assault
416-968-3422, TTY: 416-968-7335
Provides information and education about the issue of woman abuse in order to decrease its incidence and impact.
Provision of reliable information to abused women, including information about shelters within Canada. Canadian Women's Information Centre Ontario Resources:
A virtual information centre for Canadian women on a variety of topics including pregnancy, sexual health and victim assistance programs. Includes a Directory of Canadian Women's Resources with over 2500 women's groups in Canada.

Canadian Health Network (Public Health Agency of Canada)
Bilingual health promotion information on a variety of topics including violence prevention.

Family Violence Prevention Fund
Violence prevention for women and children in the home and community.

National Clearinghouse on Family Violence (Public Health Agency of Canada)
1 800 267-1291, TTY: 1 800 561-5643
Canada's resource centre for information on violence within a variety of relationships.

Transforming Communities

Pregnancy Related Issues in the Management of Addictions (PRIMA)
A project is designed to assist Canadian health professionals to provide care for pregnant women and new mothers using substances of abuse.

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